“To promote value-based quality education to the students from rural and tribal area enabling them to face the global challenges and be a productive resource for the society and nation.”


1) To provide value-based quality education at an affordable cost to the boys and girls from rural, backward and weaker sections of the society.

2) To transform the backward society into the modern knowledge-oriented society.

3) To run skill development / job-oriented courses along with traditional courses.

4) To instill skills and techniques to make them enterprising citizens.

5) To inculcate leadership skills with national integrity among the students.

6) To inspire sensitivity and encourage creativity among the students for the welfare of the society.

7) To root out social evils, superstitions, outdated customs, etc. from the area.


1) To strive for quality enhancement in higher education.

2) To bring forth the youths from rural, tribal and other weaker sections of society in the area of higher education.

3) To make the students aware of challenges in life.

4) To organize and arrange the activities to inculcate cultural, spiritual and human values among the students.

5) To organize awareness programmes and to work to root out many social evils, superstitions, outdated customs, etc. from the area.