The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of the institution was established on 17.09. 2004. Since establishment the cell has been performing as a voluntary system of the institution in the post-accreditation period. It suggests and monitors the process of sustenance and enhancement of quality of the entire academic, administrative, research and extension activities of the institutions. The functions of the cell are -
1)To locate the weaknesses of the institution.

2) To plan for removing the weaknesses of the institution.

3) To plan faculty development programmes.

4) To plan programmes for development of Non-teaching staff.

5) To plan student support activities.

6) To plan for strengthening the college library.

7) To plan and promote research activities.

8) To plan strategy to involve alumni and parents in the development of the institution.

9) To plan employment guidance programmes.

10) To plan strategy of gender sensitization.

11) To plan strategy for improvement in teaching learning process.

12) To plan strategy for infrastructure maintenance and development.

13) To plan strategy for improvement in Games and Sports.

14) To plan strategy for effective cultural and literary programmes.

15) To plan strategy for effective extension activities.

16) To collect annual reports of various department / committees.

17) To collect Performance Based Self-Appraisal reports from the faculty.

18) To hold meetings with different stakeholders of the institution and collect feedback from them to prepare quality policy of the institution.

19) To analyze strengths, weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of the institution.

20) To prepare Annual Quality Assurance Report submit to the NAAC.

21) To plan for the compliance of suggestions of NAAC PEER TEAM.

Sr. No. Name of the Member Designation
1 Principal Dr. Shankar G. Kukreja Chairperson
2 Shri Motilalji Kukreja Secretary- Management Representative
3 Shri. Jagdishji Sharma Vice-President- Management Representative
4 Adv. Vijay Dhore Society Representative
5 Prof. Dr. J. P. Deshmukh Senior Faculty Member
6 Dr. H. B. Dhote Senior Faculty Member
7 Dr. V. G. Chavhan Senior Faculty Member
8 Dr. R. D. Chawake Senior Faculty Member
9 Mr. N. A. Bodele Senior Faculty Member
10 Mr. Nilesh D. Halami Senior Faculty Member
11 Shri J. W. Sapate Member-Non-Teaching Staff
12 Shri Bharat Shamdashani Member-Alumni Representative
13 Chairperson/Secretary- College Students' Council Member-Students’ Representative
14 Dr. Shriram G. Gahane Coordinator-IQAC