The alumni are the real assets of the college and the concrete proof to assess the real worth of the college. Alumni association has been formed in the college to bring the alumni on single stage, to generate interaction between them, between alumni and the management, between alumni and the staff and to use their talent and experience for welfare of the collegiate students. The principal of the college is the patron of this association is being formed for a year of two. It holds it’s meetings under guidance of the patron in the college premise. They discuss and plan various activities to be conducted in the college.
1) “Best N.S.S. unit Award by RTM Nagpur University to the College NSS. Unit – 2007-08”

2) Best N.S.S. Programme Officer Award by RTM Nagpur University to Prof. Dr. S. G. Gahane – 2007 -08

3)“Outstanding college Magazine Award by RTM Nagpur University to the college Magazine “Shabdavedh” 2010-11”

4) Best N.S.S. Valenteer Award by RTM Nagpur University to Shri. SubhashMandade – 2011-12

5) State Level Acclamation and Prize to college, N.S.S. Unit for Road Safety Campaign 2013-14